growing meat with love

The first European startup cultivating pork meat on a proprietary microalgae base

We love meat but hate the way it’s done.
That’s why we’ve decided to change that. We are a team bringing together business and science experience with one script goal – to cultivate meat without killing a single animal or harming the planet.

The power to transform

Pigs 48 pigs killed every second (1,500,000,000 pigs killed every year)
Pigs 0 pigs killed
CO2 14.5% of total emissions (12.31 kg / 1 kg pork) - more than the global transport sector
CO2 92% fewer carbon emissions released compared to conventional meat production (0.98 kg / 1 kg Mewery pork)
Land used 80% of all agricultural land needed to produce meat (17.36 m2 land used to produce 1 kg pork)
Land used 95% less land needed (0,86 m2 land used for 1 kg Mewery pork)
Water 1,796 liters of water used to produce 1 kg pork
Water 78% less water needed (395 liters of water used for 1 kg Mewery pork)
Months 6–7 months to grow a pig
Months 6–7 weeks to grow Mewery pork
Suffering ∞ seconds of suffering for all the slaughtered animals
Suffering 0 seconds of animal suffering for Mewery meat


Why bother…

...because if we humans don't act quickly, we may lose our home.



Climate change is no joke. We need to do something, not just stand by and watch. Emerging alternative protein industry will significantly help to fight climate change. Producing cultured meat will release 92% fewer carbon emissions compared to conventional meat production.



Industrial farming, which is far from natural, contributes to the damage through land use, water use, and pollution. Animal cruelty is just the tip of the iceberg.



According to the United Nations, there will be 10 billion people living on this planet by 2050. Most of them will eat meat to satisfy the need for proteins. Producing meat in the current way is not sustainable and plant-based solutions won't satisfy everyone. That's why our focus lies in bringing clean meat on the table.

Our founder’s story

Roman Lauš is an entrepreneur and startup investor. He has built and co-founded several companies: Global DTP, Global Elearning, Home Institute and invested in several startups. Roman has been the Program Director at Future Port Prague since 2017. His inner compass of Buddhist values, combined with his passion for exponential technologies and international business experience gave birth to the Mewery venture – a project aiming to help sentient beings, the planet, and change the way we eat meat.

PHOTO: Interview with Mewery Founder at Future Port Youth 2021

Process of making Mewery meat


1 - Cells

We start by taking a sample of cells without harming the animal. We work with muscle cells as well as stem cells and isolate those best suited for cultivation.

2 - Grow and divide

Just like in the animal, we mimic the conditions for cells to grow and divide into muscle and fat cells. We feed the cells with nutrients such as proteins, vitamins and growth factors using our proprietary microalgae serum-free medium. It means that we will not use FBS (fetal bovine serum) which is ethically and economically not suitable.

Grow and divide

3 - Cultivator

We are developing bioreactors called cultivators with our partners to make our cells grow and divide in natural conditions, which helps to yield larger amounts.

4 - Meat

The final part is harvesting the meat from the cultivator and enjoying the result. We created meat from meat without killing a single animal.

Arrow end

Our future product line

Arrow start


Pork Meatballs


Pork Sausages


Pork Ground


Pork Tenderloin
Pork Balls

and clean

No antibiotics No GM organismus 80% less water used

Mewery cultivated meat is healthy, cruelty-free and slaughter-free. Unlike traditional meat, it is full of the right vitamins and fats, without pathogens and antibiotics.

Pork Balls

Why pork? To have the biggest
possible impact in our region and beyond.

Pork meat has been the second most consumed meat worldwide and the most consumed and preferred meat in Europe, Russia, and China, among others.

Most consumed type of meat being poultry, beef and other types

Most consumed type of meat being pork


Source: Vivid Maps

Our desired timeline



Market and state of art science research, brand creation



Science teams formed, labs secured, international advisory board put together, first experiments



First samples, prototypes



Mewery products available in high-end restaurants and premium grocery stores (depending on legislation)

This decade

Kitchens & for everyone

Mewery cultivators for industrial kitchens and Mewery 3D printers for home usage


Roman Lauš

Roman Lauš

founder & CEO

Ing. Vladislav Strmiska, Ph.D.

Ing. Vladislav Strmiska, Ph.D.

cell biologist, Harvard research fellow

Ing. Dalibor Húska, Ph.D.

Ing. Dalibor Húska, Ph.D.

assistant Professor MendelU, R&D worker, microalgea expert

Mgr. Kristýna Kvardová

Mgr. Kristýna Kvardová

clinical biologist, copywriter

Ing. Martina Koláčková, Ph.D.

Ing. Martina Koláčková, Ph.D.

assistant Professor at MendelU, Lab Manager

Ing. Markéta Dobešová

Ing. Markéta Dobešová

scientist and researcher in Chemistry and Biochemistry field

Ing. Monika Zvalová

Ing. Monika Zvalová

Junior Scientist and researcher

Mgr. Nela Jandová

Mgr. Nela Jandová

Senior Scientist

Ing. Vladimíra Tarbajová

Ing. Vladimíra Tarbajová

Junior Scientist and researcher

Ing. Petra Hegerová

Ing. Petra Hegerová

Lab and Office manager

Who has our back

Czech Academy of Science
European Chefs

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